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            Friday, April 10, 中国体彩官网app下载



             High School   

            Alumni Association


            Aurora, Ohio

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            中国体彩官网app下载 of the Greenmen

             Class Notes

            Class of 1953

            Harry Lee Retired educator,32+ years. Class of 1953, when our colors were only Kelly Green &White and our fight song was the same as Ohio State University. Always a Greenie!

            Class of 1961

            Scott Ross US Navy.  3 tours in NAM.  Yankton College中国体彩官网app下载(South Dakota).  Married 1 daughter, 2 grandchildren.  Golf Nut.  Self Employed- Retrofit Lighting Group.  Conservative

            Class of 1965

            Charles Harris    A lot to consider while listening to Sarah Brightman and half in the bag! I work at West Marine and I'm a Sailing Instructor. Recently, I've been involved with my Children and Grands! Plus loving the Love of my life, Jeanie Girl! (Jean Doubrava) AKA Smiley Doob! My only girl!

            I have only fond memories of my time in Aurora, Ohio and specially my years at AHS! We had great teachers and I felt thoroughly prepared when I went to KSU. I breezed through my freshman classes because of my work at AHS. I have so many good friends from those years with whom I've kept in touch. (Mrs Baus would be proud). We had 72 graduates and I have contact with at least 30, probably more. It is because we all cherished our years in one of the best small town environments in the USA! So, small intimate town, great generous people and a great 中国体彩官网app下载! How can you beat that!
            BTW, I recently toured the present High School and it is incredible!

            Class of 1966

            Jean Doubrava Harris I am still working full time and plan to for many more years--I am happy working
            for a family owned entrepreneurial operation. I have moved quite a bit with my jobs with Tyson and Pepsico so it is a wonderful way to wind up my career being very hands on--having a ball Been living on Kiawah Island right outside of Charleston, SC for the last 20 years. It is a wonderful nature preserve that restores my soul and charges my battery.I remember my mother going to her 50th reunion a zillion years ago from Aurora High School. Many memories---

            Gary Ockunzzi  I retired in April of 2010. My chosen career vocation was mostly in construction publishing where I worked for 2 different divisions of Cahners (Now owned by Reed Elsevier) for 15 years (7 1/2 years for Construction 中国体彩官网app下载 Magazine, 7 1/2 years for The Associated Construction Publications). My last job in my chosen vocation was senior sales manager for Bioscience Technology and Drug Discovery & Development Magazines. Since I retired I have done mostly volunteer, not-for-profit activities, I sponsor a writer's creative workshop and publish a newsletter entitled: Walk The Right Walk (as the spirit moves me, also, non-profit).

            Class of 1967

            Ruth Studer Employed at Kent State University since 1996; division business manager for Institutional Advancement. Studied business administration and accounting at University of Akron.

            Bill Truby After 43 years as an educator in the k-12 arena -- including superintendent, high 中国体彩官网app下载 principal, athletic director, coach, teacher, etc. -- I am now a college professor in the graduate 中国体彩官网app下载 of education in Georgia.

            Class of 1968

            Edward Hall  After high 中国体彩官网app下载, I earned a B.S. from Mount Union College中国体彩官网app下载 (Alliance, OH) followed by a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences. While in college I married Marilynn Gay (Bedford, OH). We have now been married for 44 years and have two grown sons (Ed and Christian). After finishing my education, I then spent 5 years as a faculty member at the Northeastern Ohio Universities College中国体彩官网app下载 of Medicine. I then moved to the pharmaceutical industry for the next twenty years (The Upjohn 中国体彩官网app下载; Parke-Davis Pharmaceutical Research. For the last twelve years, I have been a Professor of Anatomy & Neurobiology and Neurosurgery at the University of Kentucky College中国体彩官网app下载 of Medicine and Director of the Spinal Cord & Brain Injury Research Center. My wife and I and our two dogs (a female maltese named Katie and maltese poodle mix named Teddy) live in Lexington, KY.

            Susan Paryzek have lived here (Tampa Bay, FL) for 2 years and love it - do not miss Aurora winters.

            Class of 1970

            Marlene Spisak Cotshott My husband and I have lived in multiple cities throughout the United States and now reside in Austin, TX. I had taught special needs children for many years then became a professional "mom" as we transferred to different cities. After remaining involved in education, I have now retired and enjoy many activities as well being involved in the community through volunteer activities.

            Dr. Kay Palmer Marsh Close to retirement. Two daughters, one wonderful husband!

            Class of 1971

            Diane Bleckert Stolarik Married 39 years two children

            Class of 1972

            Sherry Kaser Rogalski I have lived in Aurora my entire life. I currently work at Miller School in Aurora and have been the secretary there for 21 years.

            Class of 1973 

            Thomas Crise Cindy Boyd and I finally got married 7 years ago and live in Medina, Ohio. I am an engineer for a company in Sharon Center working on military contracts. We travel the country中国体彩官网app下载 to visit our children and our growing number of grandchildren.

            David Palchesko  Presently working at Hitachi Medical in Twinsburg, OH as a Site Planning Specialist . Preparing drawings and coordinating projects for installation of MRI's and CT's in the Great Lakes region. Married, two kids, oldest just graduated from Aurora, 40 years after I graduated from there. Love to run, workout, golf and fish.

            Class of 1974

            Nancy Gorny Brehm We live in Powell Ohio and have 2 grown daughers. Dave is in the building/residential industry and I am in healthcare interior design.

            Rick Harvey Living in San Antonio TX since 1997. Working as consulting design engineer mainly in aerospace and automotive. Including automobile and aircraft engines, helicopters, light aircraft business jets, structural, and interiors. I enjoy sailing, reading, coin collecting and collecting automotive models.

            Patricia Medhurst Fedor Dave & I married in 1976. We have 2 married sons, a daughter and 7 grandchildren. We live in Aurora.

            Class of 1975 

            MaryAnn Campbell Baughman I work at Ohio Deferred Compensation as a Fiscal Specialist. Living outside of Columbus. We have two daughters and four grandchildren. My husband is a Metro Park Ranger.
            I love to quilt and do activities with my church.  

            Amy Klees Brinkley I went back to 中国体彩官网app下载 for a second career and received my Masters in Social 中国体彩官网app下载 from Bryn Mawr in '97. I'm now the Senior Director of Residential Programs, running programs for traumatized teenage girls in suburban Philadelphia. Both kids are grown and one lives in Boise and the other in SoCal.

            Patricia Leonardi Petty Program Manager at Case Western Reserve University, Weatherhead School of Management, Cleveland, OH.

            Class of 1976

            Karen Truce Bosley Community Banking Manager at Cortland Banks in Mantua and Windham.

            Linda Weber Collins I have lived in Dallas, Texas since 1980. I'm married and have 3 grown children. I have been teaching pre中国体彩官网app下载 for the past 5 years.

            Dave Gorny 35 years of marital bliss. 3 children and 1 dog.

            Dale Markuzska  I was in the navy from 1976 to 1995,I am divorced w/a son 34 years old, I did massage for 4 years in san diego,I now work at Kenston 中国体彩官网app下载s 16 years now.

            Class of 1977

            Ms. Deborah Oakley I graduated in 1977, then went off to Massachusetts to study engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. After that, I practiced as a structural engineer and became licensed. I then studied, practiced and became licensed as an architect as well. I have been teaching at the university level now for 18 years at three different 中国体彩官网app下载s, and am now a tenure associate professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

            Michael Young Owner and operator of The Falls Landing Restaurant since 1993, in Brevard NC

            Class of 1978

            Lynn McIntyre Up until '95, lived with my partner and worked in market research and corporate communications. In that same year, due to an accident, my head kind of met the road (laughing here) and I had a Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI. I am currently differently able, but happy and seem to keep busy. At the end of each day, like everyone else, I ask myself where did this day go? No kids, but a great dog.

            Dan Medhurst Carpenter Contractor Since High School
            Presently involved in Construction and Property Management.
            Living in Hiram for 20 years now
            Three kids, 30, 26, 22

            Kim Jorgensen Pease Still living in Aurora! Mother to two lovely daughters and grandmother to two wonderful grandchildren! Self employed and love it.

            Class of 1979

            Sandie Galka Parker I have been retired for two years now and I'm loving my time with our three beautiful grandsons.

            Keith Richner I have resided in SC since 1986, Wife Lori, daughter Logan (24). I have been working at the same company for 36 years, same place I worked during high 中国体彩官网app下载! I have had all of the positions in the company and currently work on high level business development and global sales.

            Class of 1980

            Laura Hamilton Watson I am currently employed as a Compliance/Quality Reporting Analyst. I've been married since 1993 and have two girls.

            Class of 1981

            Barbara Leibrandt Glaze  Has worked in insurance for 20 plus years, starting in 1984.  Worked the Hurricanes in Florida in 2004 and that was the last time I worked in insurance.  I have an adopted daughter, Danielle Falbo, who will give birth to my first grandchild next week.  I have a daughter, Caitlyn Quinlan, who just finished her first year of High School at St Cloud High where I am now a Lunch Lady.  I am in a great relationship with Larry Howard.

            Class of 1982

            Lyn Hagenbuch Best After living in North Carolina and Texas, I returned to Aurora in 2002 with my husband and 1 year old son. I now have 2 boys who are both attending Aurora Schools. My husband and I enjoy being very active in the community. I am an oncology nurse for the Cleveland Clinic working full time.

            Denise Fabo Cramer Contracting Officer, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Omaha District)

            Jeff Houlahan Moved back to Aurora in 2002. Married 9/10/88 to MaryBeth. Three children in Aurora Schools, Patrick - Class of 2011, Colleen - 2014, and Katie - 中国体彩官网app下载. Employed selling Power Generation 中国体彩官网app下载 by Cummins Bridgeway in Walton Hills for 24 years.

            Crystal Charvat Samstag Married to Timothy, with 2 daughters Emma Cummins class of 1991 & Rebecca Cummins class of 1993, both are married and we have 2 grandsons.

            Angela Pepoy Smith I am beginning my 30th year in education. I am Superintendent of the Madison Local Schools. 
            I have been married 32 years and have two adult children.

            Pamela Helmick Spice Married with 2 children, Cheryl and Gary Spice

            Class of 1983

            Ms. Julie Evans   I live in Cleveland Heights with my two beautiful sons.  After AHS I graduated from John Carroll University with a degree in English and earned a Masters in Journalism from Northwestern University. Since then, I've written for magazines, newspapers, books and the web. Currently, I am a communications specialist at the University Hospitals in Cleveland.

            Kristine Geyer Sasala Graduated from AHS 1983 !
            Go Greenmen !! 

            Jennifer Wiltrout Starinsky  I live in Brecksville with my husband, John and two sons, Robby & John. After 25 years in banking, I joined my husband in our own business called Star Sports which provides printed, embroidered and rhinestone t-shirts, caps, jackets and more to over 200+ clients in Greater Cleveland & Akron (www.starsportsoh.com). I am active in the Bee Athletic Boosters, Brecksville Beautification Committee and run fundraisers for my son's baseball teams as well as the 中国体彩官网app下载. I enjoy gardening, all sport activities and vacationing!

            Class of 1984

            Sarah Tellalian Adams Live in Hudson with Husband John and two kids Gabe 21yrs and Ben 17yrs. Gabe is attending Baldwin Wallace University studying Economics and accounting as well as playing Football for the Yellow Jackets! Ben is a senior at Hudson High and is the Center for their Football team! I am currently working for Akron Children's Hospital as a Pediatrician in Streetsboro. We have two yellow labs Junior and Buck. We enjoy spending out summers at our Lake House in Millersburg, Ohio.

            Michelle Schario Swiniarski    My husband and I have a small farm in Solon.  I have a horse, 3 sheep, 2 dogs, and 3 cats.  My husband is a published novelist writing under "S. Andrew Swann". I make handmade soaps (both cold process and shaped), body scrubs, body butter, candles and herbal dream pillow. My business is "Freya's Garden of Earthly Delights".

            Tim Tromczynski I moved in to a very nice house in Akron 5 years ago and have been in procurement and distribution sales for much of my career. I have covered Ohio and much of the Midwest for many of those years as an executive. I have been very active with canine rescue organizations for the better part of 8 years and am still very very sports oriented with our CLE & OH sports teams.

            Class of 1986

            Candee Jones Deem Iwork at The Hygenic Corporation in Akron Ohio. I have 2 children, Cody age 16 and Mackenzie age 12.

            Michelle Szczepinski Pleveich married since 1989, 3 kids, working at Harmon Middle School in Aurora!

            Class of 1987

            Dana Kressierer Wakefield After about 25 years away I've returned to Aurora with my husband Dave and two children, Franklin (05/04/09) and Meredith (07/23/12). Franklin will start at Miller 中国体彩官网app下载 in Aurora's integrated Pre-K this fall.

            I am a web strategy and content consultant, managing web-related projects of various size and scope. Dave is a virtual office manager for a non-profit and a stay-at-中国体彩官网app下载-dad to our kids. We are both active in the democratic party and with myriad left-leaning causes.

            We'd love to meet up with other local alumni, especially those with young children, as we re-learn the benefits of being an Aurora resident and how to raise a two good Greenmen!

            David Reed After graduating Kent State we moved to North Carolina for 7 years, then back to Mansfield, OH to be closer to family in Ohio. Last year we moved to Strongsville and really enjoy being back in the Cleveland area. I'm working at PolyOne in Avon Lake and enjoy brewing my own beer on weekends. Our two boys are in 3rd and 5th grades and enjoying their 中国体彩官网app下载. I always make them roll their eyes telling them stories how I rode my bike to Lawson's in the morning before riding over to Harmon 中国体彩官网app下载...

            Class of 1989

            Erin O'Shea Blunt My husband and I live in Aurora. We graduated from the University of Tennessee in 1994. We have three children who attend Aurora High School. Donny works for Allstate Insurance company and I own a company called VFORCE.

            Jennifer Dean I am a single mom with 2 children who are and will be Aurora High graduates also. I work as a nurse for The Cleveland Clinic for 6 years now.

            Sherri Ciarcia Hostetler I have two children and am a social worker at the Cleveland clinic.  Currently lives in Stow, Ohio.

            Kim Vilt Kocianic Married 19 years, have 2 kids;16 & 13, work at Aurora High 中国体彩官网app下载 and Weight watchers int.

            Class of 1990

            Katie Reed Ross Earned my Masters degree after graduating with a Bachelors from Ohio State. Married with two sons. Worked 15 years in leadership positions at YMCAs. Currently work in Human Resources for a private fuel supplier and convenient store chain company. Like to spend any extra time with the family which usually means, Scouts, football, baseball, Cedar Point in the summer, and other outdoor activities.

            Heidi Ress Simon  Graduated from Cypress College中国体彩官网app下载 with my degree in Hospitality Management and worked for Hilton Hotels for 15 years. I now work for Charles Schwab as a mass registered licensed broker.

            Class of 1991

            Mike Johnson Married to the wonderful Ali, two great boys, living in Lexington, KY.  Protecting ways of life!

            Jennifer French Kuty Married Tom Kuty ('90) in 1996, moved back to Aurora in 2001, currently have 4 boys in (or who will be in the next few yrs) in the Aurora 中国体彩官网app下载 system. :)

            Clint Reigh I live in Dillingham, Alaska and have three children: Adalgisa (8), August (6), and Everett (3). I am a commercial salmon fisherman in the summer and an academic advisor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks the rest of the year.

            Class of 1992

            Leah Madachik Frederick My husband and I own an indoor shooting range in Eastlake, OH. We are building a second indoor shooting range in Newbury, OH which will be open October 2013.
            I am a NRA certified instructor. I teach CCW courses as well as introductory to shooting, marksmanship training and firearm safety courses.
            We have four children (ages 17, 16, 15 & 8 ) Currently live in Newbury, Ohio.

            Cherri Semenec Obert Married Tim Obert in 1997 and have two girls Caylie (2001) and Hannah (2003).
            I'm a certified personal trainer and work out of a small local gym, Better Bodies of Medina.
            Coach my youngest in soccer for Medina Classics.
            Also enjoy all my nieces and nephews!!!!

            Class of 1993

            Scott Beuoy I have been a Physician Assistant in Cardiac Surgery at Tufts Medical Center in Boston for the past 10 years. Married with 3 kids, Scotty 6, Michael 3, Teresa 4mos.

            Tabitha Crandall Hillard I'm married to my best friend. We have two beautiful girls who are both in the Aurora 中国体彩官网app下载 system. We are happy, healthy, and living the dream together.

            Ann-Margaret Green Donato I currently live in Bethany Beach, DE with my husband and two young boys. I am a stay at 中国体彩官网app下载 mom who is presently working on her masters degree. I am hoping to complete my Masters in Education in Higher Education Administration. 3 cats, 2 kids and a ton of craziness. We live 3 miles from the Atlantic Ocean and love spending our days at the beach.

            Jason Elkins I am married with three wonderful children which two of them are active in sports in the Green Local School District. My wife, Kim and I run a foundation for families who have children that are tubed fed or other eating disorders resulting from pre-maturity, physical or neurological issues.

            Class of 1994

            Julie Johnson Brown Just attended the Class of 94's 20th reunion last night and it was awesome! Go Greenmen!

            Class of 1995

            Katie Wilson Cwalinski Senior Recruiter for Cleveland Clinic 

            Tom Courtad  I moved back to Aurora 5 years ago with my wife Dana and two sons, Vince (age 6) and Dominick (age4). I am a sales rep for Stryker Endoscopy in the Cleveland area and have been with that company for 8 years.  I currently live in the Highlands area of Aurora and am glad to be 中国体彩官网app下载!

            Carrie Pawlak DePrima After high 中国体彩官网app下载 I attended Ohio University for Informational Graphics and Page Design. Upon graduating I got a job in Marketing and it ended up not being a career I wanted to spend the rest of my life pursuing, so I went Kent State and got my Masters of Art in Teaching and have been teaching middle 中国体彩官网app下载 Art for the last 8 years in Cleveland Heights. I have been married to my husband Mike for 14 years this July and we have a son, Joey, that just turned 2 in April. Mike and I just bought our first 中国体彩官网app下载 and moved to Aurora in April just a week before Joey's birthday. Mike also went Kent State and got his Masters of Art in Teaching and has been teaching Business for the last 3 years. It is great having a spouse that is also a teacher. We hope to one day work in the same building. I guess that's it. 

            Becky Sumen Miller Proud mother of 3 amazing children and married to Jason Miller (Class of 1990). Currently, Assistant Vice President/Agricultural Loan Officer for Consumers National Bank. Love hanging out with my family, and still love to play softball!

            Class of 1996

            Jason Allenspach  I am a 6th grade teacher at Woodridge Local Schools in peninsula, ohio. I am the varsity girls soccer coach at woodridge and I am also the head middle 中国体彩官网app下载 track coach. I currently live in Stow. I have two children my son Braden who is 3, and the newest member to the family, my daughter Quinn who was born this summer on July 10th. My wife Shannon who is a graduate from Stow, is also a teacher at Woodridge middle 中国体彩官网app下载 and teaches 6th grade language arts.

            Jessica Buchwald Kaser 3 kids.  Married to a guy from Poland.  BS in Psychology w Sociology Minor.  Volunteer with Lydia's legacy and Carolina's Breast Friends

            Ben Edwards I have a degree in Electrical  Engineering from ITT Tech.. I served in the U.S. Navy. I have been working at Northern Quest Casino and Resort as a Maintenance Supervisor for the past 6 years. I have been married for 10 years to my lovely wife Jacqueline. We met while in the Navy yeah.. she's pretty cool.We have one son Ashton who is also 10 hmmmmm.... I like to do 中国体彩官网app下载 remodeling, biking nothing like Tour DE France crap but with the family, I play video games no big deal. Besides that life is good I have 3 dogs Flora our Mastiff is 1yr but weighs a buck 20, then 2 pomeranians Morgan and Roscoe who are awesome. I know some of you have not seen me since 中国体彩官网app下载 or even in the past few years. I'm still the same guy pretty Mello but a little brighter. Can't wait to see everyone!!! Cheers to the Class of 96!!!!!!

            Jennifer McFarland Barrett My husband and I live in Cincinnati and just had our first baby Saoirse Rose. My husband and I own a restaurant in Cincinnati called the Red Feather. I am also a Vice President at Franklin Templeton Investments.

            Ed Nabring    Currently teaches 4th and 5th Grade Orchestra along with working with the high 中国体彩官网app下载 band in the Aurora City Schools district. Is proud to have been working in Aurora since his graduation from Miami University in 2001. Eddie lives in Aurora with his wife, Diana, and their two boys.

            Amanda Oiler Palmer I am married with 3 children. I work at a dental laboratory.

            Nicole Spoto Sonich I live in Concord Township, OH (just outside of Mentor) with my husband Chris Sonich. I work in Mentor, OH at a company called MUM Industries as the Inside Sales Manager.

            Lisa Sprouse Im thankful for my parents, who have let me choose to stay at the house I was born & raised in to be able to be a single stay at 中国体彩官网app下载 mom of 2 girls. Also, im a Girl Scout leader, PTO mom & babysitter. Love being able to make a difference in young kids lives that I work with & give back to the community when & where able.

            Class of 1997

            Christi Zolkowski Christopher Married Chris in 2002. Had our daughter Alyssa 3/2004. Moved to Tampa, FL 2013 and just built a new 中国体彩官网app下载 here and moved in 9/2015. Loving the Florida life!

            Laura Evans Lawyer Tax Manager at Intrawest Resorts Holdings Inc. in Denver, CO

            Megan Thomas Rowe I am married with 3 children. My job as a physicist for the Navy is very challenging and rewarding. Being a working mom leaves little time for other hobbies, but my husband and I do like to travel.

            Michelle Santora Sanders Living in Grover NC, I have a wonderful son - Lucas; I am an Office Manager at Blanton Cars, Inc and Easy Finance -"buy here pay here" car dealer

            Kelly Booker Stedman I am a teacher for the Solon City School District. I teach 4th grade and this will be my 13th year. I began teaching in 2001-current in the same district. I have one daughter named Paige who is 6 years old. She goes to Kenston Schools as we live in Bainbridge Township. I married Kevin Stedman, also an AHS graduate in '97.

            Leva Strong Since graduating I have moved to texas, I have 2 wonderful boys and am working road construction.

            Nicole Pinter Occhionnero We currently live in Macedonia where I am a first grade teacher. My husband and I have a daughter named Adeline and visit Aurora frequently to visit my parents and attend community events. I still keep in touch with my A-Town friends and love where we grew up!

            Wendy Williams Registered Polysomnographic Technologist working at Barnesville Hospital in Barnesville Ohio.

            Class of 1998

            Evan McCarthy  I've been a Foreign Service Officer with the U.S. Department of State since 2004, and I am currently assigned as Consul at the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia. My previous assignments include U.S. Embassy Dushanbe, Tajikistan (2004-2007), Provincial Reconstruction Team Najaf, Iraq (2008-2009), and Washington, D.C. in the State Department's Bureau of Consular Affairs and Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs. I graduated with a degree in Russian and History from the College中国体彩官网app下载 of the Holy in 2002 and also completed a Fulbright fellowship research year in Tartu, Estonia before joining the State Department.

            Katie Stasen I am a high 中国体彩官网app下载 history teacher at Crestline High School.

            Class of 1999 

            Kyle Boyd Graduated from The University of Akron, work:JWT Action, an advertising agency in Akron, OH, Occupation: Advertising/Marketing, Live: Cuyahoga Falls, OH, Married for 5 years, just a had a baby girl (Olivia) in May of 2013

            Jane Debo Price   I work as a Training Instructor for St. Jude Medical, where I train new employees how to assist physicians with caring for pacemaker and defibrillator patients. My husband Edward Price and I moved to northern Michigan in 2012 and love hiking and biking in the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore.

            Amy Varney     Substitute for Aurora city Schools, graduate of Akron University.

            Katherine Womer-Benjamin I am a consultant for the visual and performing arts in New York City. Additionally, I teach private voice and piano students and sing with a few small opera companies located in the Tri-State area. I have been married since 2006 to Mike Carroll. We have a daughter, Nancy, born in November of 2012.

            Class of 2000

            Cassondra Hosey Fitzgerald I reside in Aurora with our 2 children and are happy to be in our 中国体彩官网app下载town! I'm presently a Realtor® with Platinum Real Estate in Aurora (7+ years). Her husband, Bret, owns Fitzgerald Landscaping, Inc.

            Nicole Lynne Rattini  I am currently a Microsoft Sourcing Manager for Experient, A Maritz Travel 中国体彩官网app下载. I plan meetings and conventions all over the world for Microsoft. March of 2014 will mark my 13 year anniversary. I am also a Commercial Photographer. I recently purchased a 中国体彩官网app下载 near Dayton, Ohio.

            Class of 2001

            Cassondra Hosey Fitzgerald  I live in Aurora with my husband, Bret Fitzgerald (Class 2000), and our two children. I'm a Realtor with Platinum Real Estate in Aurora and Bret owns Fitzgerald Landscaping, Inc. Happy to be here in Aurora raising our children!

            Class of 2002

            Amy Harris After graduating AHS in '02 I attended Eninboro University of Pennsylvania for 1 1/2 years. I returned to Ohio and have been working full time at Walmart since. I returned to 中国体彩官网app下载 at Devry University in 2012 and graduated with my BSM in 2014. I have 2 little girls they are 8 and 4 1/2 years old. My 8 yr. old is currently attending Aurora Schools and my youngest will start Kindergarten in Aurora next August. I will be getting married at the end of April.

            Class of 2003

            Nancy Wakefield Spencer I live just outside of Kansas City and am the president of galaxy glass corp.

            Mr. Roy Thieman Single.Live in Kansas City, Missouri
            Work for NX Utilities, which is a sub contractor for Google Fiber, Time Warner, Verizon Wireless, ETC.

            Class of 2004

            Michelle Mormile Bloom I am a Nurse Practitioner in Columbus, Ohio.

            Rachael Lozanoff Woltman I am a veterinarian in Twinsburg, living with my husband in Aurora

            Nicole Risko Steele I have been married for 8 years to my high 中国体彩官网app下载 sweetheart. I have three wonderful children that I love dearly. I have been living in Louisville Kentucky for 6 years and I love it. I have been working for a temp agency called Adecco and we do stuff for ups. I have been working there for 4 years.

            Class of 2005

            Kaleigh Basinger Spanish Teacher

            Luke DiTomas   I currently work for KRG Capital Partners which is a Denver based Private Equity firm. Prior to that I worked for Band of America Merrill Lynch in the Investment Banking division in New York City.   

            Matt Fiore  Work at Anderson Columbia Co. Inc. Occupation: Estimator/Project Manager Live: Tallahassee, FL

            Kimberley Jones Hotel Management

            David Keckan Currently working as a teacher assistant at Harmon Middle School.  Also I coach at Harmon, football, wrestling and track. I left Aurora for four years where I attended The Ohio State University and came right back to Aurora and couldn't be happier.  

            Kelly Allison Kerns Kindergarten Teacher Springfield Local Schools Holland, Ohio.  Reside in Perrysburg, Ohio

            Tabatha Vickery I am a RN for the Cleveland clinic

            Class of 2007

            Christine (Chrissy) Pennock    Graduated from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA with a B.A. in Political Science in 2011. While at ODU, I was president of the National Political Science Honor Society on campus, chair of the Rules Committee for the College中国体彩官网app下载 Republicans, and an assistant women's rugby coach. After graduation, I moved to DC to work on The Hill. I started with now Senator Tim Scott (SC), then moved to the office of Rep. Sam Graves (MO). I left The Hill last year after accepting a position as political director on a Congressional campaign in SC. When the campaign ended, I moved back to northeast Ohio, and started working as a liaison for Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel. I recently bought a house in Macedonia and adopted a Husky/German Shepherd puppy named Duncan.

            Tiffany Trew I recently moved to Tennessee to pursue my dreams/ goals to be a singer/ songwriter. I have been on a few episodes of the tv show Nashville, sang at the Bluebird cafe and a few other places in town. I am also currently working with other established songwriters and playing different gigs at as many places as I can. I am trying to get my music heard by as many people as possible.

            Class of 2008

            James Lerner Union carpenter. Local 285.

            Class of 2009

            John Rausch Student at the University of Florida graduating December 2013, B.S. Industrial Engineering, B.S. Statistics

            Class of 2010

            Katie Buonpane I am Currently in my fifth Year at Miami University completing my Batchelor's of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering and Paper Engineering. I just finished a Co-op with the Walt Disney 中国体彩官网app下载 and I am currently Searching for a full time position as a Chemical Engineer.

            Stephen Hujarski Graduated Summa Cum Laude from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, FL. Currently a flight instructor at the same university training the next generation of pilots. I will be flying private jets by years end.

            Class of 2011

            Justin Nutting I am currently studying Computer Engineering at the University of Cincinnati working a co-op with Regal Beloit.

            Class of 2013

            Justin Bunka Currently attending Syracuse University

            Class of 2014

            Deja Davis I am a student at Mississippi Valley State University (MVSU). My major is Applied Technology with a concentration in Architectural Construction Management. I came to MVSU on a athletic scholarship as a cross country中国体彩官网app下载 runner. I placed in the top 10 at the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) earning the All Conference Second Team Honor. I currently hold a 4.0 grade point average.